Discovering Herbal Tea

So I never used to drink tea. I just didn’t like the smell of it. The taste was alright but the kind of sour, milk old lady smell just made me gag. So whenever I got offered tea or felt like some kind of before-bed- type drink I would stick to milk.

But then, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered herbal tea. My mum has been drinking peppermint tea for a while but I never fancied that. It tastes of toothpaste for crying out loud. Who wants to eat toothpaste!  So anyway I just went on drinking my milk and feeling like a six-year-old. But then my mum couldn’t get her usual peppermint tea. They’d stopped making the kind she liked or Tesco was out of stock or something. She came back from the Saturday morning shop with armfuls of different herbal teas to replace her beloved peppermint. And of course she couldn’t drink all of them herself so I decided I would try each one and rate it out of ten for the pleasure of all you herbal tea drinkers out there so that when the supermarket stop selling your favourite you can come to my blog and find out which one is best.

Twinning’s Apple Crunch – This is beautiful for the first few sips. Then it gets kind of weird and not so good. 6/10

Cranberry & Blood Orange – You would think cranberry and blood orange would taste really strong but this doesn’t really taste of anything. 4/10

Warming Camomile & Spiced Apple – This is my all time favourite. The bitterness of the camomile and the sweetness of the apple and spices totally compliment each other. Gorgeous. 10/10

Reviving Nettle & Blackberry – Nettle tea! What? It’s actually surprisingly good 7/10

Camomile – Too bitter. It also kind of smells weird. 3/10

Cherry and Cinnamon – Mmm…. I like this one. Beautiful colour as well. 7/10

Strawberry & Raspberry – Bleugh… Too sweet 4/10

So there you have it. If you’re ever swithering between herbal teas you now have an easy guide to tell you which ones are hot and which ones are not.